Company PARALLEL Ltd., a leading manufacturer of soft foam blocks of polyurethane and products thereof, defines as a priority of its activity the balancing of a successful with a responsible business that takes care for its employees, the neighboring population and the environment during the exploitation of its facilities.

The Management of PARALLEL Ltd. declares a Policy on Environmental Protection that shall be understood and applied by the personnel and announced to all interested business partners and the public. For us the responsible attitude is not only words. The Multilayered Safety Report of the Company defines the policy in accordance with the following principles:

  •  To perform safety operation of the enterprise parallel with implementing of a policy for reducing the risk of accidents and limiting the consequences that can cause harm to humans and the environment.
  • Through the Safety Measures Management System, the characteristics and the operating instructions to implement a policy for reducing the risk of major accidents during its operations.
  • To continuously improve and optimize the technological processes, the balance of the materials, the warehouse management, the transport of raw materials, the intermediate and final products, the work organization, the infrastructure and the framework conditions.
  • To develop its business without harming the employees in the enterprise, the population and the area around the manufacturing facility.
  • To build a corporate culture for the health, environment, safety and labour protection to which all employees of PARALLEL Ltd. are committed.
  • To share openly their achievements in this regard by informing and advising their customers in order to comply with the legal provisions and the internal company standards for the health, environment, safety and labour protection.

In accordance with the declared policy, the Management of PARALLEL Ltd. has accepted and supports Energy Policy based on the following principles:

  • continuous improvement of the energy performance of the Company;
  • providing access to information and the necessary resources for achieving the goals;
  • ensuring the conformity with the applicable legal and other requirements to which the Company adheres for the energy use, consumption and efficiency;
  • supporting the purchase of energy efficient products and services and a model for improvement of the energy performance.

In reference with the implemented Environment Management System, the Management of PARALLEL Ltd. declares its responsibility for the providing of the necessary financial and human resources for the implementation of the Environmental Policy and the commitments taken in this regard.

Thus, we strive to earn the trust of our customers and the public, to be good citizens and to contribute to the economic development.

Yordan Kovachev

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