on the Safety Measures Taken and the Behavior and Actions in Case of Emergency

Secure together!

Dear fellow citizens!

PARALLEL Ltd. due to its subject of activity, namely the manufacturing of polyurethane foam and products thereof, operates the so called risk facilities that are subject of control under the Regulations on Measures to prevent and Limit the Consequences of Major Accidents in Activities Involving Hazardous Chemicals. Pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act and these regulations, you as our fellow citizens will be informed about these facilities.

Due to the fact that the management and technical measures provided by us in the documentation submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Water are well-grounded and enough to prevent accidents and limit the consequences thereof, we received AUTHORISATION TO OPERATE No. 92/2007 in reference with art. 104 of the Environmental Protection Act, amended by Decision No.02-92/28.07.2014 for operation of Paralel EAD issued by the Minister of Environment and Water.

But let us first clarify that not every emergency situation is an accident! Emergency situation is one where the release of dangerous substances can pose a threat the human health and the environment. This is possible only when all our technical and organization measures could not be activated simultaneously in order to prevent the accident. It is very unlikely for you to be affected by such events.

Our main goal is to prevent industrial accidents through constant monitoring. Thus your and our security is the responsibility of PARALLEL Ltd!

If despite all security measures an accident occurs, this leaflet will give the necessary guidelines and directions on how to behave.

The subject of activity of Company PARALLEL Ltd is the manufacturing of polyurethane foam and products thereof such as mattresses and soft furniture, with thermo wadding and products. The size of the Company is 850 people.

Based on the philosophy of the Seveso Directive, namely storage and use of hazardous substances above certain amount, we have identified the facilities that can be the cause for risk situations during the manufacturing processes:

  • raw materials storage – for storing of the raw materials for the manufacture of polyurethane foam. PARALLEL Ltd works with raw materials of world renowned companies – COVESTRO, BASF, EVONIK, AIR PRODUCTS, DOW, etc.
  • area for the manufacture of polyurethane foam KOVAFOAM – an automated line MultiFlex – HENNECKE
  • warehouse for daily staying (aging) of the polyurethane foam blocks.
  • cutting area – where the manufactured polyurethane blocks and sheets are being cut according to set parameters with cutting machines of the leading companies FECKEN KIRFEL, DB, etc.
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